Life: Located in Phoenix, Arizona. Born and raised deep in the heart of Texas
Bachelor of Arts, Southwestern University; Class of 2017​​
Juris Doctorate, Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Class of 2022
Favorite Color: Pink​
Coach: I coach and counsel other attorneys on well-being in the practice of law. I teach lawyers how to balance their life and their legal practice with a wholistic approach using insights from legal experience combined with tools from organizational psychology to rethink the traditional model of the legal career.
Goal: Create happier, healthier lawyers. ​
Lawyer: Arizona Licensed Attorney.
Practice Areas: Influencer Protection, Contracts, Negotiations, Business Formation. General Advice as needed
Fitness Instructor:
F45 Coach ​
Pilates Instructor – Lifetime Fitness
Small Business Owner: ​


When I was thirteen years old, I said I wanted a job where I could 1) dress cute, 2) talk a lot, and 3) help people. It was simple and it still is. I am here to share my knowledge, experience, education, intellect and wisdom and most importantly to serve, and shine my light bright for others. I accomplish this in my legal work and by coaching and counseling other attorney’s to find balance and flow in the legal industry.

I am a fitness instructor, an attorney and a spiritual, healthy, proactive person. I am determined to do this my way. The idea was born from a dream… I know that sounds “west coast woo-woo” (no offense) but it really did, in December 2021. Three words…Life. Coach. Lawyer.

I represent small businesses, content creators and influencers in their corporate formation, business transactions, brand deals and contract negotiations – acknowledging the legitimacy of social media professionals and the need for everyone to have legal protection. My coaching work centers on teaching other attorneys a fresh perspective on the roles of an attorney and rethinking the framework of the profession to create fulfilled, happy, balanced lawyers.

I became a lawyer to advise and counsel others. When I realized that the traditional lawyer-client relationship is often “just doing business,” I saw a need to serve clients with a more wholistic approach bringing a sort of bed-side manner into my legal practice and achieving more effective results while taking care of them in the process.

So, here we are. Life. Coach. Lawyer.

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